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Test Tube Babies

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Test Tube Babies

Published 1948

Released as an educational film no doubt to get around the Hays Code, this is really a sleazy exploitation film. It has some of the worst acting you'll ever see. Here's the plot from IMDb: A happily married couple has been trying to have a baby with no luck. They discover that the husband is sterile. Their family doctor suggests that they think about artificial insemination, which at the time was considered a scandalous choice.

Stars: Dorothy Duke, William Thomason, and Timothy Farrell

Run time 53 minutes
Producer George Weiss
Production Company Screen Classics (II)
Audio/Visual Mono, Black & White
Language English


Reviewer: ghostmadl - favoritefavorite - June 6, 2014
Subject: horrifying train wreck
The music and acting sucked. Thee only redeeming feature was the subject matter. The chicks were truly there for eye candy.
Reviewer: Apeism is Stupid - favorite - May 20, 2014
Subject: Um...
Artificial insemination is always a scandalous choice. Some doctors will do or say anything to line their pockets with more money, regardless of the moral implications. Try adopting a baby.
Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 16, 2012
Subject: Well.....
....not sure that I'd call this "good", but it certainly is interesting.

3/5, but I give it 4/5 because I am so generous.
Reviewer: gl1200phil - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 4, 2010
Subject: Great "camp".
Amazing the context and alleged message for these movies. They wouldn't get much more than a PG rating today, but were considered rather risque for the mainstream in their day. Merle Connell's beauties really hold up today, in this old duffer's eyes. See "Red Headed Riot" here at IA for more Dixie Barton burlesque. For lovers like me, of this vintage "sexploitation", this rates 5 stars IN THE CONTEXT OF IT'S GENRE.
Reviewer: Monkey_catcher - - August 12, 2010
Subject: "bob" the doowop monkey
Please ignore this stupid monkey. It enjoys throwing its feces at humans.

Someone had better keep this monkey's cage locked from now on.
Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - August 12, 2010
Subject: ..Oh, Brrrruther..!
...Young Marrieds Can't Have A Baby, Well Boo-Hoo,Put Down That Box Of Chocolates, Turn Off The Soap Operas, Get Off Your Duff Woman & Get Down To The Employment Office.Get A Job As A Secretary, The Boss Has A Son Who Will Nail Ya, Husband Will Think Its His..!..And Wallah..Happy Ending..!..P/S Since Your So Stupid In This Film..Don't Pick An Afro-American Boss..!..Your Dumb Husband May Get Ta Wonderin'..!
Reviewer: JodyValyou - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 14, 2010
Subject: The man who gave Ed Wood Jr. his start
George Weiss, gave Ed Wood his start as a filmmaker by letting him make Glen or Glenda. A 1953 exploitation film written, directed by, and starring Ed Wood, and featuring Bela Lugosi, and Wood's then-girlfriend Dolores Fuller. The film is a docudrama about cross-dressing and transsexuality, and is semi-autobiographical in nature. Wood himself was a crossdresser. This was also, Lugosi comeback film, due to being blacklisted in Hollywood, for being a known drug addict, at the time.
Reviewer: matt1900 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 3, 2010
Subject: sleaze fest
Back in the 48 this was probably considered racy stuff. The acting is horrible. The actors deliver their lines in a monotone fashion while moving about the scenes like robots. In the first part of the movie every opportunity for the women to strip down to their sexy 40's underwear is used. Unfortunately Dr. Wrights nurse ( who happens to be the hottest babe in the movie ) never takes off her dress. Cathy and George want to have a baby, but George is diagnosed as being sterile. The chain smoking kindly Dr. Wright suggests artificial insemination and launches a long lecture complete with graphs about the procedure (' the male fluid is withdrawn from the donor volunteer ' ). Cathy and George agree to have the procedure done. At the end of the movie it is 5 years later and Cathy appears to be the 40's version of the octo mom. She now has a houseful of kids who seem to be the spitting image of Dr. Wright.
Reviewer: nigeldavahah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 29, 2009
Subject: love this stuff
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